UV Pure, Umbra, Sick Kids & many more utilize 3D printing and design to enhance their customer experience and support production processes

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FDM 3D Printing

Suitable for most applications. FDM 3D printing accounts for about 70% of all 3D prints!

Products that get produced by this technology can be hard, soft, flexible, rigid, and in pretty much any colours!

SLA 3D Printing

When precision and accuracy matters SLA/DLP printing takes the race away from FDM. SLA/DLP 3D printing accounts for about 15%  of all 3D prints made in the world.

Products by this technology are extremely intricate and detailed. Recommended for tiny organic models and for parts that need the added accuracy.

3D Design

Without 3D design, there is no 3D printing! Unless you want to do it manually... Our expert designers and engineers take this task seriously. Making the correct decisions during the design process can sometimes half the price of a 3D print!

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is sometimes used as a synonym for 3D printing but they are not quite interchangeable anymore. 3D printing is the perfect way to showcase your engineering design to clients, test the parts under real-life conditions and test fit.

Affordable, fast, precise and accurate. No other technology can compete when it comes to rapid prototyping.

End Use Products

3D printing has gotten advanced enough where end products are now feasible to make. Big companies like CNH, Ford and others are already utilizing 3D printing as an end product. It is time to follow their footsteps and adopt the technology where possible!

With the right material and design, you can make the next viral product. What will it be?

Spare Parts

Keeping spare parts around in your manufacture shop or production floor is a thing of the past. 3D printing creates a seamless transition from physical inventory to what we call, "digital warehouse". Link your MRO system to with us, and receive spare parts as fast as same day!

Custom Gifts

"I want a gift from the dollar store", said no one ever. 3D printing is the perfect way to show, beyond words, how much a person means to you. It can be your significant other, dear friend, mother, grandmother, dog, or son. The possibilities are endless.


Selling a product online that has capped your home 3D printing capacity? Looking for a low barrier approach to enter the consumer market? Looking to become more hands-off on your successful product? Hand the manufacturing over the trust experts at Pineapple3D.


Want to learn how to 3D design and 3D print? Our experienced engineer with tutoring experience in all education levels will help your kid become the next winner at the science fair!

Our Services

Don't have a 3D model?

Work with our CAD specialists to bring your ideas into a ready for manufacturing 3D file. We only need a simple sketch or an engineering drawing to get started.

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Working out of Vaughan, Ontario. Pineapple3D is pushing 3D printing into mainstream adoption. By providing exceptional quality, speed, and customer service we are changing the landscape of conventional manufacturing. We give big brands, and individuals the opportunity to leverage 3D printing and produce things thought to be impossible.


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